Empty Hard Capsules

Gelatin & HPMC/Veg Capsule


  •   Minimal rejections on filing machine, resulting in higher yield and lesser wastage of expensive formulation.
  •   Readily available technical team from EPL and R&D unit to rectify mechanical and setting related problems on customer's filing machines.
  •   Machine performance such as to give minimum downtime on filing machine, thus increasing machine and operator output.
Manufacturer of hard capsules


Empty Capsules Manufacturers

Erawat Pharma Limited, an Erawat Group Company, ranks among the top Capsule manufacturers in the world & second largest in India.

Founded in 1997, we have a very rich experience of 20 years in manufacturing of hard capsules; and a 30 years of total group experience in the capsules manufacturing technologies. Because of our high technical competence and very strong R & D support, besides having achieved excellence in the manufacturing of Gelatin Capsules, we have also developed capability of manufacturing HPMC Capsules or the Vegetarian Capsules.

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