HPMC Packaging, Transportation, Storage & Filling of HPMC Capsule Shells


  •   Capsules are packed in food grade antistatic plastic bags.
  •   These plastic bags are then packed into heavy duty corrugated boxes.
  •   The box is then sealed with BOPP tapped from top and bottom.
  •   Finally label is pasted on the box having information of size, colour, Batch no., Box No., Quantity and other relevant information


  •   Capsule packed in boxes are transported in conditions through reefer container vehicles.
  •   Temperature is maintained between 10°C to 30°C and Rh is maintained between 40% to 65%.
  •   All the dedicated vehicles used for capsules transportation have temperature Data logger fitted in the vehicle, to ensure that the temperature during transit is within specification.

    Warehousing/ Storage

  •   When not in use, Capsules are to be stored in unopened packed condition
  •   The Temperature and Rh during storage should be between 20°C to 35°C & 40%to 65%.

    Other Precautions:

  •   Store capsules away from direct sunlight/ Hot water/ Air radiators, hot water pipes & steam pipes.
  •   Store capsules on pallets of the ground.
  •   Store capsules away from potential sources of water condensation e.g. under water pipes.
  •   Do not store empty capsules in freezers.


  •   If for any reason inner Poly bag is opened then the opened poly bag containing capsule should be closed in the best manner possible either by heat sealing or usage of good quality adhesive taps to reduce moisture loss/gain during storage
  •   The storage condition beyond the recommended limits will result in damage to capsules Quality and its performance on filling Machine.

Shelf life

If the above precautions mentioned earlier are taken during transportation and storage,HPMC capsules can remain in good condition for 5 years from date of manufacturing.


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